Vanessa Williams Reveals She Was Molested As A Ten Year Old Girl By Older Lady…

Vanessa Williams Reveals She Was Molested As A Ten Year Old Girl By Older Lady…

Posted on by Mirika C

We all just recently found out by personal confession of Vanessa Williams that she was molested by an older of age teen whom was 18 years old. This all happened when Vanessa Williams was 10 years of age. At the time, she didn’t tell, but now that she is a woman herself, she felt it necessary to tell about her ordeal in her new book, You Have No Idea.

Children are books all their own. The things many children endure all alone are most times too awful to even comprehend, but it happens to the most innocent of us all. In her book, Vanessa Williams details how the young lady told her to lie on the rug as she took her panties off and then proceeded to do the indescribable. Vanessa, being so young, didn’t realize that she was molested until she was in college…while with her boyfriend.

The 18 year old woman who molested her told her not to tell anyone. Vanessa obeyed. Get the book to read Vanessa’s full life story, but for the record, this is a sad shame and the reason why all children should be taught before school age that no one is touch there.

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Teach all young children how to wash themselves thoroughly and change their own clothes alone. This is a must. Also, children must know that NO ONE tells them to undress. If so, they should run and tell no matter what. No age is too early to tell children about themselves. Molesters count on children to be ignorant. Don’t allow the lack of knowledge to wound children.

Sure, some children may still be afraid to tell, but at least they know, it is wrong.  Thank God Vanessa Williams was able to live on and have success after this happened.

Watch your kids, behavior and all.  Changes in moods tell much when words don’t speak.  Encourage the truth by not punishing it.  Guide with the truth, but have children become aware early on that lies and hidden things are what is really bad.  Those things are to be punished, never the truth.  The truth requests guidance, help, love etc.  Lies and secrets shun honesty, mercy, help and even love, forcing people to dig a deeper hole of despair.

Teach children as early as two years of age the don’ts.  Trust me, one of their favorite words is NO anyway.