VISUAL TIMES Call For VISUAL MEASURES – Why Book Covers Really Do Matter

VISUAL TIMES Call For VISUAL MEASURES – Why Book Covers Really Do Matter

Posted on by Mirika C

We live in aRead The Secret Novel Collection now! visual age.  Now more than ever when it comes to the freedoms that e-books give for all authors, especially those who are self-published, what the reader visualizes on the cover of the book makes a huge impact on its success.

Long gone are the days where there are huge promotions by big publishing houses prior to and after their author’s book release which was the only way to gain momentum in the market.  Today, there are literally hundreds of self published authors making strong attempts to break it big into the world of literature.  That being stated, it’s apparent that most new authors without an audience at all MUST have book covers that catch the attention of the masses.

Sure, there are books that have absolutely nothing on the cover, featuring just the title.  These books do sell, and sell big time, however, more times than most, for a newly self published author, a plain cover like this won’t work for great marketing.  Why?  To cut to the chase, it’s boring to the eye, and if someone is shopping for a book to settle down in, they will mostly miss the plain book altogether, especially if shopping for e-books, only to zoom in on one with an actual design that attracts the senses — mainly the visual one.

Capturing a visual with your eyes is what this new generation of readers is about.  We live in visual times, and the faster things are, the better.  Your novel can be the best one since the invention of the alphabet, however, any new author may have a harder time selling a book that is all one color with one of those tiny titles that doesn’t stand out.  Because of this, new authors, please choose a great graphic designer, and choose them by looking at their work.  If you like, pay for a great cover that represents your novel WELL.

Not only is a visually appealing cover good for your book, but it’s also good for your confidence in that book when at aDownload I Thought I Was Alone Trilogy now! book signing or conference where you must give a spiel about it.  REMEMBER THIS: The more the cover of your book says, the less you have to say!  The object is allowing the cover and the synopsis  to do MOST, if not all of the work, for you, because face it, you won’t be face to face with most of your readers anyway, unfortunately.   (I love meeting all my readers at signings.  It’s the best!)

This is why you must do as much as you possibly can with the book cover that says what you can’t say because you are so far away from your potential reader.  Answer these questions:

  • Is it an eye catcher?
  • Can readers relate to the cover?
  • Does it evoke emotion, thought, and curiosity?
  • Does it match the story’s mood and plot?
  • Does/Will it resonate with those who read that particular GENRE?

If you are answering all these questions positively, then you may have a winning book cover!

By the way, while you’re here, download some great books!  Thanks! :-)

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