We Are Interestingly Enough…

by Mirika C on August 14, 2013


Interestingly enough, we are all very interesting, whether introverts, extroverts, hardcore or coreless. We are all interesting puzzles. This is why it is so terrible when we fall apart. Sometimes, a piece may go missing, leaving us so undone, yet still interesting.

Put together perfectly, some outside of ourselves may not understand the detail that goes into making, or creating, a person so unique. Here lies the reason in the dishonesty that eats away at our honesty only when we speak alone to ourselves, wondering how we can do away with that interesting part of the puzzle that will eventually make us less interesting and too similar to …

emptiness, that something that God got rid of so long ago.

We are all enough.  We are all, interestingly, enough.

-Mirika Mayo Cornelius

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