What Happens When A Female Slave Decides Enough Is Enough? CURSE THE COTTON, a New Book Release

by Mirika C on October 23, 2015


Curse the CottonIt’s here finally!  This is the BOOK #22 I was telling everyone about for the longest.  CURSE THE COTTON is a full length novel that plagued my mind for months until I was able to write it exactly how I wanted it, expressing many items that may not clearly be expressed in cinema or books when it comes to a Negro woman who happened to have been a slave.

The story follows the life of Shelone, the main character, as she lives the best she can on a plantation filled with agony, yet she managed to sketch out tediously her happiness.  However, all things come to an end for Negroes on a plantation, and sometimes the ending comes just as abrupt as the loss of an unborn child.

CURSE THE COTTON delivers all of the emotion that a book can contain when it comes to life as a slave – moving from fears, loves, heartaches, pleasures, and rage.  The mere thought of bondage causes many people to cringe as it should, and it also forces people to live in the mind of not one, but many, Negro men, women and children who falsified who they were until the moment came to break free from their bondage.

CURSE THE COTTON is that story that you’ve wanted to read for a long time except the story had never been told — until now.  Thank you so much for your download, and enjoy!



To download and read now, click here and enjoy!

Curse the Cotton

Life on the plantation for a Negro woman was already worse than any livelihood that existed, but when the wealthiest “massah” in the area destroys the only grasp on true, unquenchable love that Shelone has left to live for, her thirst for revenge is unleashed, starting in the vast cotton fields and ending in bloodshed all across the Marksman plantation!

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