Why New Authors Should ALWAYS Consider BOOK FESTIVALS As An Avenue For Marketing (Video)

by Mirika C on July 21, 2016



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Last week, I released a short video about new authors’ marketing when it comes to book signings. I ventured off into what I call SOLE BOOK SIGNINGS where an author goes to a book store and waits on potential readers to walk inside to engage, BOOK FESTIVALS where authors hold book signings with a large reading audience that has come solely to find great new books from both the self published and well known, and BOOK LAUNCHES, or BOOK LAUNCH PARTIES, where people are invited to celebrate the arrival of a new book.

I promised that I would bullet some points as to why I feel for the BRAND NEW AUTHOR, book festivals are the way to get the ball rolling when marketing their books because this is actually what worked for me.  (I can only talk about my experience, right?) :-)  Below the video are the reasons for my choice for BOOK FESTIVAL book signings versus SOLE BOOK SIGNINGS and BOOK LAUNCH PARTIES at a store for the first time, self published author.



  • allows for networking with other authors (there is so much information out there from veteran authors you don’t want to miss out on) Don’t know how to network, well, here’s a networking starter course in like one minute if you just read the headings.  After that, just be friendly and things will work themselves out. :-)
  • the reading public attending is there for their genuine interest in books and authors, so you don’t have to figure out how to find them.  Surprise!
  • learn how to engage readers and interact when put on the spot with various people
  • become aware of your own visual presence and presenting your projects in less than 30 seconds (which is important to meet/greet/sign with the multitude of people at or passing your booth)  The more people you interact with the better your chances of moving your book brand and becoming more polished.
  • listen and learn how to present your book as a featured speaker because face it, your time is coming soon at the mic.  Be prepared.
  • At festivals, you have the comfort of not being alone for the very first time and feeling lost which could negatively effect confidence


  • great for authors who have a wide market of readers in the area (medium to very well known authors)  For authors new to the business with a brand new book, more than likely, only the people who they personally invite will show up to the party.  If possible, request that everyone bring someone to attend so that more than just those you know will learn about the book, which will in turn, widen your book brand.
  • the cost may outweigh the benefits, depending on how big the book launch.  Scale down versus too far up, in the event that gobs of people don’t show up to support you and your book, resulting in revenue loss.

SOLE BOOK SIGNING (signing at an independent or major bookstore)

  • works best once the author has gotten the word out about their book (gained an audience that can be seen in book sales)
  • works best if signing date is targeted around an event at the bookstore during the signing
  • works best if signing in a “reading” community, town or city (no, every place isn’t a reading capital of the world)
  • if no one comes to the book signing or they simply ignore you, new authors run the risk of giving up due to negative thinking. (It happens to many)  At a FESTIVAL, you are almost always guaranteed to see the potential right in your face, thus the confidence builder.

Curse the Cotton

Again, these are only the things I’ve noticed from my years in the business, even before there was anything called social media which has made marketing for the self published author much easier. However, every now and again, every author needs to get out there and meet the readers who want that autographed copy and photo op, and for that brand new author who may not know the ends and outs of everything yet, well…book festivals, to me, give a vast learning experience as well as great marketing for that author’s book and brand. Attend a great one, and there’s absolutely nothing like it.

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