Writing Workout: My 3 Tips To REMAIN Consistent & FIT

by Mirika C on December 8, 2016



I don’t have huge, bulging muscles, and I never have.  I do, however, have muscles and they do exactly what they are supposed to do.  There are times during the week, month, or even year that I choose to tighten up areas that I feel need to be worked out.  There are other times, however, that I just don’t feel like it, resulting in all the work I put in to get fit just going down the tubes.

So is the case for writing.  On a smaller scale, I’ve started stories and then suddenly stopped.  Returning to the story will take days sometimes, but by the time I get back to it, I would have to reread everything just to get back into the flow of the story.    On a larger scale, if I stop writing altogether for too long, how I formulate ideas and express myself on paper will become rusty, and that’s never good.

This is why writing for an author can be compared to working out.   Just like someone who goes to the gym three to five times a week is keeping himself fit, the same goes for any professional writer.  Writers and authors should constantly stay fit in their craft, working out FRESH ideas and continuing to write whatever they can each day in order to build muscle in that area.

If you are having a difficult time staying focused and fit in your writing goals, here are a couple of things I’ve done that help me and could possibly assist you.


Each and every time you have a moment of introspection or ideas, you should learn to write it down.  If you don’t have a journal or some way to record your thoughts, get one.  As a matter of fact, it would probably be great to start a blog as well if you don’t mind sharing with others.  Also, when you write, be certain to craft everything you write to the perfection you would a BOOK or a STORY you would publish.  Never get into the habit of short-cutting your words because you must remember that this is your workout, and it serves the purpose of strengthening your skill.


An exceptional ability that all great writers have is that they can sway emotions with written words.  It’s true.  Practice the art of writing notes or cards to individuals out of the blue.  Doing this exercises your ability to evoke emotion through particular ideas you have about that individual.  You may do it in a poem or whatever, but do it.  You will be amazed at how your mind can BUILD another person in ways they never thought you even saw them, and it’s rewarding to both parties.


If you go to the gym and only work out one part of your body, that is the only body part that will be in shape.  The same with writing, and this is why every chance you get, write something out of YOUR ordinary.  If you are a poet, try writing a short story.  If you write horror, calm it down and start some sort of drama.   The more you work out various gifts within yourself, the better you will become overall as a writer.


This is my workout for the day!  Get to it!


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