WRITING WITH GROWTH: Find Out Your Reason For Writing And Build On It

by Mirika C on March 28, 2016


From the time you are in grade school, and with many children even before then, writing is one of the main objectives and foundations to everything you will conquer in life.  The written language has changed over centuries, and how we formulate ideas on paper has truly metamorphosed.

Sins of Bain (the extended version)Writing and how we speak to others in our craft will constantly change and grow, and it is vital to any writer’s career that they discover their own reasons for writing and build upon that in an ever changing world of literature.

For instance, my very first reason for writing came when I was in 3rd grade.  I wanted to win a prize.  Actually, I wanted to win so big because I’d seen someone else winning, who looked just like me, in a way that I knew I could too eventually.  At that point, I’d become inspired.

Next, as I’d gotten older and more mature, this inspiration sprang back up in my system after many years, after having become an avid reader all my life and news editor for a school paper while also finding fulfillment in writing complex thesis and more, that I realized that I had a knack for writing in a variety of ways.

Finally, I found my true reasons for writing when I sat down in my grandmother’s den.  I want to create fiction stories that grasp life, the good and bad, that tell stories that are hardly told…scarce…and make them impact the world of fiction in a huge way, for every audience, while building on READER APPETITE.  I want them to indulge in what they’ve never experienced.  I want them to lavish in the best of the best.  When readers pick up any book I’ve written, I decided I want to shower them with amazement in every single genre that I could for the ultimate reading experience.  I wanted to write the stories that aren’t there and ignite a passion for reading various types of stories, even if they aren’t the norm for certain readers.  I want to entertain with powerful and great works of fiction.

I Thought I Was Alone Trilogy PromotionSound lofty?  No, not to me.  People get bored with a routine if they are anything like me.  For instance, I fell in love with the writings of an author who I will not name.  However, I fell out of love fairly quickly as after the fourth book I read, I could predict.  Actually, after the third book I read…I just wanted to give her the benefit of a doubt.  ALL OF HER BOOKS EVENTUALLY WERE THE SAME.

I kept hoping for a new story, but they all were based on a relationship gone dead and revived again, with no angle at all that would change it.  I gravitated toward boredom really fast, thus, she became an author whom I liked but couldn’t read anymore.

That’s the one thing I chose to NEVER do to my readers.  I want them to have the ultimate reading experience, never having to settle for the same story.  My imagination is big, so I want to give them all of it.  The writer and reader are in a “marriage” if you will.  It requires 100% from each – the writer giving his or her all to the reader with no shortcuts because entertaining is tedious work and enjoyable to the prolific writer, and the reader supporting the work of the writer in a multitude of ways through not only reading the book but reviewing it while spreading the word to other readers.

Finding out your reason for writing is crucial in order to grow in a positive direction in your craft because you know your destination, thus, causing growth in your audience because those who love the fruits of that destination will follow you there, which eventually lays a solid foundation for your brand and your readership.

You may not want to stretch cross-genre.  As a matter of fact, you may want to bring your readership the best in horror literature only.  Regardless of what moves you, FIND OUT WHAT MOVES YOU and BUILD ON IT. The sooner you know what to expect from yourself, the sooner your readers will, too, and there will be no stopping you in your writing career, regardless of the ever-changing writing world, if you are anything like me and love to feed that READERS’ APPETITE.



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