Mirika Maxims


Enjoy my maxims, everyone! These are my short statements that I not only say to myself daily, but live by them, and many of them derive from what I’ve learned from God’s (Jesus) own wisdom, and others are simple truths that I’ve learned as a writer and even from just being on earth.

Visit daily to remain encouraged and reminded of what is really important as we all need to remain grounded in order to soar!


“I love writing. Before I started writing, however, I fell in love with reading as a child. It is from within a story that one can find the magnificence of creativity, and the passion placed inside the making of another world, that even the visuals of movies can’t quite match in performance.

It is the uniqueness that a writer has to elevate words from the paper to form the hallucinations that overpower literally everything, causing us all to marvel at the fact that the innermost parts of another person’s mind can be reached … without force or addiction, but with respect and power.”

— Mirika Mayo Cornelius