A REAL PERSPECTIVE: Get Out Of Emotion And Dive Into Truth

by Mirika C on January 27, 2016


Mirika Mayo Cornelius (Copyright)So, this week started off interesting being that I ended up teaching myself something new in efforts to assist someone else.  No, it wasn’t planned, but God Almighty works in mysterious ways, and I do believe that as I was teaching this particular person something, the lesson was also for me, a reminder to not allow bad situations in your life grow beyond their true size.

In a nutshell, this person had been totally mistreated by someone he thought to be a good friend to the point that he couldn’t focus on anything else for hours.  This bothered me because A)I hate seeing someone saddened and angry at the same exact time, B) this is someone I love and that means I was beginning to feel the pain as well and finally C) he said aloud it RUINED his DAY and he said his WHOLE DAY WAS BAD.

Not so fast.  C was where the ball dropped for me.  I’d been where he was before – allowing something to make me feel so bad until boom…I exaggerate it and say my whole day is ruined.  Again, not so fast.  Here is a really quick way the Lord showed me how to combat this emotional and untrue way of thinking into a more honest and factual truth about day by day life.  I shared this with this particular individual, and it literally CHANGED HIS LIFE.

Here it is.

    1. Take your hands and spread them a little more than shoulders length apart.  This distance between them is YOUR DAY.
    2. Next, think about YOUR 24 hours carefully.
    3. Find the chunk of day that wasn’t so great and measure the amount of time it took for the incident to actually happen MINUS how it made you feel. Did you find it?  Great.  (He did, too, and immediately, he began to smile.  Here’s why…)
    4. Notice that most of your 24 hour day was good and still is good in comparison to the small amount of space the mishap/event in your day took up.

Sometimes, all it takes is a change of perspective…the TRUE perspective based on facts and not emotions.  Bad things happen during our good days sometimes, but never allow that bad thing to take hold and repeat itself continuously in your mind to exalt itself over those things that are true.  Most of your days on this earth are good, so don’t sweat the small stuff.  For the big stuff (and there will be big things, such as death, illness, etc), pray, ask for understanding and strength, and continue on knowing that Jesus is with you.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.  (Notice strengthens not weakens)  You’ll be made strong enough to handle it.

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