by Mirika C on June 1, 2016


Deception at Gabriel's TrailsAs I go through the day, whenever I remember to do so, I may capture and share a picture of what I’m eating and share it on social media. It’s vital for me to get great ingredients for my mind and body while writing, and the only way to get that, outside of prayer, is food!

First of all, stress is the number one idea killer. That’s right. Creativity goes to crap whenever a person has a HUGE heavy load to carry, and this is the case for most people.  In my case, I work really well under pressure, and I must have a slight bit of stress in order to have the motivation I need to get my writing done.  That doesn’t mean I need nor yearn to be burdened, but I have been in that place where I’m stuck between a rock and a solid brick wall and found a way to either roll the flippin’ rock or knock the wall down just to survive.

All that being stated, writing mobility, no matter what, would be extremely hard for my creative mind if I’m not giving myself the proper nutrition.  Therefore, here are the main things I ingest on the regular to make certain that not only my body, but my MIND functions to its full creative capacity.


Hydration is a must.  My favorite water is Evian, and I more recently turned to Fiji as well.  These two brands really keep me hydrated and full of the minerals and electrolytes that I may not get in plain old water.  Previously being a migraine sufferer, I find that getting that needed hydration makes for a healthy mind and has lowered drastically the amount of migraines which would take time away from writing.  Atop all this, we need water.  Nothing works well…not even the earth…without WATER.  There’s your proof that water makes the body work at it’s best!  I even get my BEST ideas in the shower.

I Thought I Was Alone Trilogy

CHOCOLATE (or to be more specific DARK CHOCOLATE and CACAO)

This works for me.  I don’t eat candy-candy.  What I mean is anything sweet, chewable, and man-made that isn’t chocolate.  That’s what I call candy-candy.  For the most part, cacao has everything in it.  Iron, magnesium, calcium…you name it.  Guess what?  The magnesium is the most important for me (I think) because it helps me to RELAX!  Unwanted stress can kill a writing buzz, so eating something that helps you relax is key to getting into a zone and writing for DAYS!

But…while relaxing, you need that something that keeps you awake and ready to mix with it all, and that is…



Love a pack of trail mix.  I have always loved it, and I always will.  Nowadays, I kind of mix my own because I like to have a specific mix.  Snacking on these nuts KEEPS ME AWAKE.  I can literally stay awake all night long if I’m chewing on a bag of them.  I even feel more creative, and I can’t tell you why, but it works.


These are the MAIN FOODS that take my mind into CREATIVITY.  I don’t have the full science behind it all, but it works for me!  Outside of food, exercise (of the aerobic type) tends to be on my side when it comes to writing as well, more than weight lifting, and that’s possibly because it increases the blood flow to my brain.  (I do know that much).

So, if you’re having a hard time getting the writing out, try to find out what works for you in your diet.  You’ll be surprised how much what you eat, what I call my WRITING DIET, can pay off in your books!

Curse the Cotton


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