If You Have Something “SECRET” To Say, It’s Best To Not Write It Down

by Mirika C on March 17, 2016


I’ve run into this a lot lately.  That this is the infamous emails, text messages, or written jabs about someone or something that somehow get LEAKED.  You would think after once or twice people would think three times in the same second about writing rather secretive items down on paper or email, but…it doesn’t happen.

Below are at least 4 convincing reasons why writing anything “secretive, explicit or meant for only the team” down should never be done.

Reason #1: Melissa Harris-Perry vs MSNBC (When a case of keeping it real goes terribly wrong…but still very much real)  The worst portion but most real portion of her email was leaked by someone who was possibly in her “team”. Unfortunately, she didn’t know there was a hater in the midst.  Someone dropped a dime on her which rendered her incapable of closing that chapter of her life how she possibly would have preferred (this is only my guess). Instead, she ended up feeling compelled to reveal her entire emotion to all of us, and it sent a dagger into her MSNBC future.


Reason #2: The flippin’ Snapshot…and yes, it happens faster than you can delete it.  You write the crap, hit send, and then ponder over that messed up junk you sent out of anger or lust only to find out that the person on the receiving end already sent that mug to twelve different people for laughs and finger snaps.  Guess what else?  The message won’t be deleted.  They shall save it for round 2.

The Secret Novel CollectionReason #3: The written crap lasts FOREVER! You run the chance of people forgetting what the heck you said when you verbalize, and you can even DENY for that matter making it your word against theirs. That WRITTEN foul stuff you wrote though… it’s here to stay for a long time.

And last but not least…

Reason #4:  It’s traceable.  Words stated verbally, unless recorded, can’t be traced.  Even if they are recorded, find a way to erase the recording…you’re done.  Written words are several times harder to get rid of, as in the case of the detailed cell phone record.  See what I mean.  Yeah, you’re talking, but it’s not face to face, so even the flipping number is recorded on that call log!  Delete what??  Cops and spouses use them all the time.  So you said you never knew this dude?  Yeah, you did.  555-5551.  Boom.  Had a dang hour conversation with him every freaking day this week while I was at work.


So there ya go.  These are the few main points as to why things that are written should never, ever be SECRET.  Nowadays, it’s just too easy to pass it along and live to regret you ever wrote it from the beginning.

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