It Works! Does It Really Work? I’m Trying It Because It MAKES SENSE!

by Mirika C on April 25, 2015


I was invited to an It Works Wrap party, hosted by a friend of mine who just got in the business.  I had no idea what It Works actually is when I was invited, but I went because I’m all for supporting females who are going into business for themselves.  I’m also a health nut as far as trying to remain healthy through prevention, therefore, when I heard it was all natural and alkaline products, I was all in.

Let’s see what happens! I am in search of a natural health booster. I don’t tend to eat bad food constantly in the first place, but the question is if I’m getting enough of what my body may need, especially when I’m busy. Therefore, although I tend to be in great health, by God’s grace, I want to continue the pace. Again, I will let you know how this stuff works for me soon enough!

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