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by admin on April 18, 2017


This particular Burt’s Bees facial towelette with White Tea Extract is the one I use, and as I stated in the video, it’s fantastic.  I have had absolutely no bad effects from it, so for anyone who has tried it, let me know if you’ve gotten the same great results that I have or let me know if you hated it as well.

If you haven’t tried it, click here to order yours directly from Amazon to have it shipped to you.  The wipes should be moist and smell fresh, and the tap in the front after opening should be sealed across.  If not, don’t trust it.

If you want to pick it up while out and about, stop at a Publix or a Wal-greens drug store.  These are the two places where I get mine, and I’m certain they are at other stores as well.


Another item that I definitely wash my face, body and hair with is Dr. Bronner’s Soap because it is oh so good, and like the towelettes up top, it doesn’t leave ANY DRYNESS.  Dr. Bronner’s is completely NATURAL and it’s a castile soap, thus really great for the skin and hair.

This you can find in many places such as the previous stores I mentioned up top. My favorite is the unscented and the almond.  The others are too strong for me, but again, feel free to try and let me know how you made out.


More videos below that have to do with respecting and accepting your own hair and how I stretch out my own bantu knots:


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