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by admin on April 19, 2017

So if you don’t follow me on YouTube, I updated everyone on my maternal line ancestry through Ancestry DNA for a test I did on my mother. I totally forgot to update my blog with the information, so here it is!

I still have to do mine so that I can find out what my dad did to me, but until then…it looks like maternally, I’m mostly Ivorian-Ghanaian, thus Ivorian-Ghanaian American!  Again, I still have yet to see what my dad did to me, but hey…all great so far.  Thanks, Ma!

Also, since finding out about my Ivorian Ghanaian maternal line of ancestry, many Ghanaian’s have chimed in to me and messaged me, narrowing it down for me and by my facial features to let me know my mother and I are of the Akan tribe.  This information is amazing because I would have never known where to start in my ancestral tribal search.

From here, I have researched much and even found out that there are subgroups of the Akan and even clans.  This is just amazing to me, and I’m so happy that I can finally tell my son at least from what country the majority of his ancestors originated on my maternal line.  I still can’t wait to find out my other half.  It would be amazing if it falls in the same country on my father’s side.

Until then…  Ivorian Ghanaian American (Akan)

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