Why Are People So Afraid Of The HISTORY of BLACK PEOPLE?

by Mirika C on February 12, 2016


Mirika Mayo CorneliusAs I sat at my computer mousing through all the commotion in the world, tragedies on every side such as the setting a fire of school children in Nigeria and the death of a young black American teen while in custody and “no one knows” what happened, to the changes going on all across the world along with the discoveries in space, these things all enough to stir up emotion in anyone, whether sad or happy.

The one thing that much of the commotion is coming from is the entertainer we all know as Beyonce’.  Yes, King or Queen Bey…you decide.  She has become the epitome of pop stardom, having been and is still one of the highest paid pop stars in the world.  She has cross over appeal, all races and cultures wanting a piece of the Beyonce’ action, and although she is loved for her entertainment, one particular sect of people are trying to usher her back into the dog days of slavery where black people can only say what “we” allow them to say, express themselves how “we” want to them to express themselves, and by the way, it must make us  feel good.  If it doesn’t make “us” feel good, then we will destroy you, the black person, at all costs.  A modern day call for a lynching may seem a bit much to many however, a lynching is what happened to Emmett Till when he made a sound, a whistle, at a white girl that was unwanted from those who heard it.  Beyonce made such a sound in song towards a crowd who wasn’t ready to hear it, and now look what is happening…a call for her destruction as far as entertainment.


They don’t want to hear or see our BLACK HISTORY, your BLACK HISTORY or her BLACK HISTORY any more…especially OUT LOUD.


When I say they, I’m not writing about the whole conglomerate of WHITE PEOPLE.  Don’t get it twisted and don’t be so naive if your mind went there because there are a variety of people in the white race as is with the black race…ie Stacey Dash.  As a matter of fact, just stop reading now if you feel offended although I’ve written nothing offensive.

I am writing about  PEOPLE IN DENIAL OF THE BLACK FACTS.  The BLACK FACTS are that no matter how some people want to deny the BLACK presence here in America, black people, people of color, have always been here.  The BLACK FACTS are that contributions and struggles from and of us have been numerous, so numerous until you can’t truly talk about one thing in America without talking about US.

Beyonce’ is and will forever be a part of this BLACK HISTORY.  (Thanks for the hoopla.  I’m not a Beyonce stan, but dang, those who were easily offended in her Formation just helped her win again.) She’s the only black woman, besides Janet Jackson who revealed a nipple with an oops and a smile, that caused a stir at the Superbowl.  Beyonce’s stir wasn’t just at any Superbowl either.  It was at Superbowl 50, where Cam Newton (Charlotte’s QB ) was hounded after their loss but celebrated due to the victory of getting there in the first place.

Forget the fact that she paid respect to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson who wanted us all to get along, but regardless of his light skin never denied he was BLACK, his BLACK HISTORY, and his BLACK PRIDE.  Forget the fact that she danced with BLACK PRIDE while laying racism aside.  Yeah, she did that because she, like the vast majority of black people, don’t hate people that don’t look like us, yet we are proud to be us and proud of them, too.

Because BLACK PRIDE means slavery didn’t work.   It doesn’t mean we won’t lend a helping hand to anyone of a different race.  BLACK PRIDE means how although some may want me to feel lesser about myself, I highly doubt I will.  It doesn’t mean we hate white people nor does it mean that black people feel less about them.  BLACK PRIDE means that I am proud of everything BLACK, good and wholesome.  It doesn’t mean I hate everything white.   Chile please, white people are cool “as a mug” just like every other race of people in the universe. ( I should know.  I grew up on a military base with EVERYONE literally and we all got along just flippin’ fine which is the reason why I chose to move into a multicultural neighborhood because it “fits” my life. ) BLACK PRIDE means I won’t let anyone look on my skin and use their ignorance to take away my self worth or my voice…especially when we, as black people, have heard and lived by everyone else’s for so long…BUT OUR OWN.

No, this isn’t a defend Beyonce’ moment.  She has enough microphones, stages and money to defend herself countless ways.  It’s time to defend the BLACK VOICE in BLACK HISTORY.  No one is used to hearing it.  It’s so passionate that when it comes out, some want to destroy it instead of LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING that the tone isn’t of hatred, but rather LOVE.

Reverend Martin King…shot down.  Nelson Mandela in a similar fight in South Africa – imprisoned.  Why?  BLACK VOICE in BLACK HISTORY with BLACK PRIDE equals all of BLACK POWER for OURSELVES, not to dominate over ANYONE.  It is a power that has never gone anywhere but been merely muzzled or misquoted, misunderstood or even mishandled by those who may be or may have been intimidated so much around it as if it’s HATE FILLED, when in reality, it’s full of love, so much love that even AFRICA, in all her boldness, couldn’t hold it.  Out of AFRICA came the societies we have today, and yet a small section of the earth demonizes it with no real cause.  BLACK POWER won’t kill you.  BLACK POWER will BUILD YOU.

May we one day be innocent until proven guilty, and there is no man on the face of this earth that could make us guilty for how we feel or even our BLACK HISTORY unless they cast the first stone on themselves.  Even FOXes know this.

BLACK HISTORY isn’t a stain.  It is a FREEDOM that many still want in chains.  Don’t be afraid of BLACK HISTORY.  Embrace it.  And in all this writing, I will still never understand…


Curse the Cotton


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