Why I Would Be PISSED If My Parents Raised Me To Be a RACIST

Why I Would Be PISSED If My Parents Raised Me To Be a RACIST

Posted on by Mirika C

So much is going on in the US of A today, and since this is the country of my birth, I have all authority to speak on the situation at hand and that has been at hand for centuries which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast…slowly maybe like at a morbidly slow snail’s pace.  That situation at hand is racism.  (Give me a freaking migraine already, but here goes…)

I love people.  I had the opportunity to grow with a vast variety of people from various backgrounds, cultures and religions.  We all got along.  Period.  So here’s the deal.  There is this movement of proud, extremely boastful, and what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it hatred that is spreading like weed across the country…again.  I write the word again because this isn’t the first time people were proud to be hateful by the nation load…like literally.  Nowadays, most of us are more accustomed to underhanded hatred in the context of racism, such as not being hired or being fired based on something they can’t prove but that they know to be RACISM, being followed in the store as if robbery is the first thing on your mind when actually it is never on your mind, and even something as simple as eating at a restaurant and having your food snatched from you under the you-really-aren’t-a-veteran call (but we all know it is underhanded RACISM because it was never about being a veteran.  It was about being a BLACK veteran).  See the difference?

This is what really irks me about racism.  I mean, I find it difficult to understand how on earth, after having lived in present day AMERICA, how anyone can be okay with being raised or indoctrinated into RACISM?  It baffles me honestly.  My parents – all of them, grandparents included – never taught me to hate anyone or dislike someone based off of the COLOR of their skin or RACE because for those who don’t know the definition of the word, it means just that – “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.  Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”  Yeah, I took that one right from the google search.

Basically, I would really be pissed right now if I had parents whom I trusted with teaching me the truth had raised me in a big, fat bubble of ignorance as a racist, and here’s why:


Yes, I would be pretty well pissed the heck off if I had to go to school after learning all my life that a group of people who looked a certain way were stupid, or unintelligent, to only find out at the end of class that I made the “F” after studying all night and a person from the same group of so-called stupid people I was taught about made an “A”.  First thing I’m doing is crying foul because unbeknownst to me, I’ve been raised to know no better.  Then, I’d end up crying the CURVE isn’t fair…obviously…because it doesn’t work for who?  ME, that’s who!  Third, I’m slamming my “F” test in front of my parents and asking them why the “dummy” got the freaking AAAAAAAAA! (Since you told me they were so stupid).

And that’s just ONE example.  It is this example that leads me to the next reason why I would be pissed off at being raised a racist.


The mirror would literally have to come down something like this:  Yesterday when I looked at myself, I thought I was of the most intelligent and beautiful of all people in the entire world because of my race, but now, I look like an equal or less than because when I thought I did the best at the job or in the pageant, the OTHERS either did just as well or beat me.  What the hell???  My folks have lied to me, and now I don’t even know how to respond to anyone.  I feel freaking LOST in my own skin.  I’m still superior, right, or aren’t I?

Those words up there would make me sooooo pissed at my parents for raising me a racist because I would literally have to LIE to myself ( yes, become a self made liar to my-flipping-self) to keep the jig up so my self-esteem won’t hit rock bottom because in the back of my brainwashed mind, I know I have found the not-so-hidden TRUTH.

I would have to face the fact that I am no longer ELITE and never was.  I have gifts and talents just like everyone else…even those outside of my race.


Being pissed off is an understatement if my parents would have had the gall to raise me into a full blown racist because I would have missed out on everyone and many things that could have helped me in my journey in life.  For instance, who knew that I could learn so much from people who are different from me and grew up in different environments than I have?  And the food!  Yeah…my parents would be getting nada for Christmas for raising me totally wrong.  As a matter of fact, they would get something for the hahhhh-li-daays (in my best singing voice).  I would bring a group of my new friends to the house, and all of them would be from at least five different nationalities.  Drink to that…and don’t choke.  Yeah, my parents would get schooled, race by race.


More than anything else, I would be pissed that I couldn’t get along with anyone of another race without coaching myself through it.  I would have to do deep breathing exercises and all that before I even shake hands and rub elbows with any “OTHER” in my territory.  Not only that, I would have to constantly remind myself not to stare at the various textures of hair and wonder about them, how they wash it and all that because frankly, I wouldn’t know what to talk to the OTHERS about because I’m socially messed up!  I wouldn’t want every other word from my mouth to be questions about their style, hair, dialect and skin… and God forbid I accidentally say something offensive like “I didn’t know you people had such gorgeous babies?”

My only explanation would be that my parents did this to me, and I am working on it because I’m totally messed up.  I thought that was a compliment.  Honestly.


Finally, I would take pissed to a whole other level when I found out the parents who raised me racist raised me wrong because I would now have to right every single wrong I’d done to those in the storm of my racist path and then…get this one… I would have to right the wrongs of my forefathers, too.  No, I wouldn’t have to locate all the people they knew and said or did something racist to, but I would have to continuously make certain that my children won’t learn and put to practice the PURE IGNORANCE of anyone else’s racist immorality.

Yeah, I pretty much would have to speak out and vote against laws and lawmakers that uphold racism and try to cover it up with another name or act as if it doesn’t exist because, frankly, it does because I would have been one of them.  The proof would have been all up in my puddin’, sugar!

Shoot, speaking out against racism would be like a SECOND JOB because I would have already faced the fact that A WHOLE HEAP OF A LOT of people back in the day LOVED RACISM and RACIST LAWS and THEY AREN’T DEAD YET.  Plus, they are probably teaching their youth the SAME THING.

I would sarcastically thank my parents for placing this extra duty on me, so they could kick all the rocks with bare feet.


Again, I would definitely be pissed to the utmost if I had racist parents and they raised me as such, but I would be grateful to JESUS that I found out the truth before I hit my deathbed!


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