BIRD BOX Movie Review: I Watched It Twice Because It Was That Good (Spoilers)

BIRD BOX Movie Review: I Watched It Twice Because It Was That Good (Spoilers)


Let me just say that before my man mentioned something about this movie, I had no idea where it came from. To my surprise, I had not heard about it at all, despite the fact that it had one and a double half of my favorite actors in it – Sandra Bullock and the guy that I just became a super fan of from The Predator(2018) Travante Rhodes. Honestly, I must have been on another planet because I’ve seen most if not all of Bullock’s movies and more than two of Rhodes’s flicks.

Anyway, those were the two main people in the movie to follow because they made that sucker the movie the year in its genre. The writers, directors etc also did a phenomenal job. So now that I’ve touched on all the bragging points for the people, on to the movie.

It starts off with sisters. One is preggers but not sure how to handle it. Then it starts. There is some lady in the hospital knocking herself bloody on the thick window of the hospital until she kills herself. At this point, all bets are off for the pregnant woman as she takes off down the hall and jumps into her sister’s car. This freaked out pregnant woman is being played by Sandra B. and her movie name is Malorie. Before they even get down the road good, some invisible force is converting people to nut jobs, and her driving sister is overtaken by the force and straight totals the car.

At this point, I’m at the edge of my seat, staring at the screen like…what the heck is wrong with these people ??? Literally, everyone is going bonkers to the infinity power, like seeing junk in the air that isn’t there, fighting, walking into fires as if it isn’t hot like Hades and the whole nine. I mean, aliens probably turned the flip back around once they peeked through the clouds and said, “No dude. Mars is much better. U freaking turn.”

I said I was going to spoil it in the title, so don’t get angry if you read on. It really is worth the watch and not the read of this blog post to spoil it all. I REALLY LIKE THE MOVIE, but for those who just really need to read what I have to say, here goes:

Malorie gets rescued from the people going nuts outside by running inside while she is just about ready to pop with a huge baby bump. There are like five, six, seven people in there with her. I lost count because honestly, they are dropping every fifteen – thirty minutes so… The main deal that everyone figures out is to not look at the air because something is in it that is possessing people and making them do weird and unfortunately suicidal junk, so they cover all windows and live until one decides to look into a camera (he dies), the others decide to steal a car (of course, they die by inference), and then someone lets a man in the house who wants to turn everyone crazy by forcing them to look at the air, and yes (he dies and takes a handful of people with him too). This leaves Malorie, two babies…because her and another lady who is now dead gave birth at the SAME EXACT TIME… and an extra handsome guy named Tom played by actor Rhodes alive and not so well. They have to wear blindfolds and raise children with blindfolds forever in movie time…well more like five years.

At this point, I knew Tom would die. Why? Because there are flashbacks and forwards in the movie, and the flash forwards don’t put the very handsome Tom guy in the rowboat with Malorie and the kids as they try to escape the gone for bad world to a world of sanity. I didn’t want Tom to die because they made a great couple…eventually…and he sorta kept her grounded, especially when he called her out for naming her boy child BOY and her adopted girl child GIRL. That – was – a – bit – much, but I kind of figured out by the end of the movie that she didn’t want them to become too attached to her or things because she may just die. Therefore, she never even gave them names. Her son didn’t even know she was mom UNTIL THE END OF THE FLICK when she tells him (I could be wrong, but that’s what I thought. Watch it for yourself and see if I’m good on that info).

Fast forward, without Tom (may he rest handsomely in peace), their only way to live a life without blindfolds is to travel downstream and through rough rapids to get to a school for the blind. The boat flips over in the water, all survive and they run until they finally make it to the refuge. All this time, there are birds in a bird box on the shoulder of GIRL.

That leads to the only one question I had with the entire movie – how did those birds survive the entire journey, even when they were underwater during one point and in a box? My answer: I guess that’s why they call it BIRD BOX. Like everyone else on social media is doing, go make a sermon from that one because honestly, ya can. When I looked up info on the movie, it was said that the birds in the box is what what was supposed to have kept them safe the whole time. That didn’t click for me when I watched. I thought it was common sense, running feet, the will to kick butt and die trying, and blindfolds that kept them in full swing, but that’s just me.

5 out of 5 stars. Bravo…especially for people like me who absolutely hate watching recycled movies. This one is one of a kind. There is enough action, suspense and odd stuff going on until you want to watch twice just to make sure you got everything right…and got Tom at the right angles.

BIRD BOX is definitely a hang out and watch type of flick. Did I say 5 out of 5 stars? Yeah…great movie.

After a tragic loss, a young couple discovers something sinister that has entered their home, and it’s toying with their daughter. Will they be able to hold on to their faith and save their family, or will fear take such a solid grip on their lives that the silent intruder becomes unstoppable?

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