Bobby Brown’s Upcoming Memoir Titled MY PREROGATIVE On My Reading List!

by Mirika C on October 14, 2015


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really ready to read MY PREROGATIVE, the upcoming memoir by Bobby Brown being put out by HarperCollins. Regardless of whatever people have to say, he was a huge part of music and people’s lives who enjoyed his music, aside from everything else.

His story is very unique being that he was married to one of the most talented singers, Whitney Houston, and shoot, their lives were nearly front page news! I really want to read what he has to say about just about everything. According to Bobby Brown himself, he signed on to write the memoir prior to his daughter’s (Bobbi Kristina) death, and he termed writing it “therapeutic” and found that after looking at his entire life, he realized that “although there has been considerable pain, I have also been incredibly blessed.

Many people don’t believe a word Bobby Brown says.  However, I’m one who believes that he can’t be just running off at the mouth, and there is much truth to what he says regardless to what anyone thinks about the man.  I’ve never judged he nor Whitney’s situation because I appreciated them both for their contributions, despite their personal battles, therefore, as a fan, this is going to be HUGE for me.

Again, I’m one for the memoir, and will download as soon as it hits in June of 2016 because I feel he has much to say that he possibly hasn’t felt “allowed” to say for some time now.

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