CBS Goes LEGALESE With Halle Berry As EXTANT Ends Its Run

by Mirika C on October 10, 2015


I must admit. I was excited about CBS’ Extant starring Halle Berry…before it premiered. Soon after, however, I became uninterested, and quickly pushed it so far to the back burner that I no longer watched at all. Well, after only a second season, it appears that Extant has run its course and CBS won’t bring it back for another take. Because I didn’t watch fully, I’m not certain what it was that bored me, but hey, it’s a done deal. That’s not to say that things are over for Halle Berry for CBS.

Word is that CBS is working up a new legal series for the Oscar winner. I’m excited for her and the show, but at times, I find it difficult to place Halle Berry many places in acting. There are some roles that are super awesome for her, but then others, such as Storm in X-Men, just don’t seem to bring out the awesomeness that an Oscar winner should display.

But hey, whatever.  Back to this legal drama…it’s titled Legalese and is about a Chicago born lawyer, who happens to be biracial, that ends up with a case in New Orleans, the south of the south, working with a white lawyer. From there, we will watch the biases that take place as the series takes us there.

Now, with all the racial injustices and biases that are at the top of the list in real, current day news, this may hit the mark as far as ratings and actually speaking to the people. A great story line definitely has the potential to take this show to the top, but again, we will see. Hopefully, this is a role that can bring out the umph that we all want to see from Halle.

Other than that, Kidnap is the movie that will release next year in February which I think is more Halle’s speed. She tends to exhale in these films where she has to rescue someone as she did in The Call. I enjoy watching her in back against the wall type films because it just appears that she gets into character much more.

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