Chris Tucker Starring With Vin Diesel In New Movie, Pinocchio Is Coming Live-Action And Mariah Carey Starring In Christmas Flick!

by Mirika C on April 9, 2015


So there is much buzz going around about Mariah Carey and this brand new upcoming movie idea she actually sold to New Line.  Mariah Carey will star in the movie which is said to be set a Christmas time, which we all know is the singer’s favorite season of the year if we base it on the fact that she releases the absolute best Christmas albums to date.  Anyway, word is that the gist of the movie is how music can take you back in time to the innocence of your emotions…or something like that.  It’s like a power of music deal.    Whatever it is, it’s sold, and Mariah Carey fans all over the world will love it.  It will also be a treat for her children as well.

Even more exciting news because I have this thing for great animation is the fact that Disney’s Pinocchio is going live-action!  This will be something to see because although Pinocchio isn’t at the tip top of the chain as far as animations are concerned, it’s one of my personal favorites no matter where it falls.  Just to see Pinocchio in live action, I believe, will draw in a brand new fan base for the movie altogether.

Get The Adventures of Pinocchio, the original book written by Carlo Collodi now.

Okay so now to even better news.  I haven’t seen Chris Tucker in a while, but we’ve all seen Vin Diesel rack up the dinero in the latest Furious 7, which by the way is still grossing in the hundreds of millions, breaking all racial barriers, and trumping every movie out right now.  Back to these two actors.  They are said to be starring in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,
based off of the award winning novel by Ben Fountain that you see to the left of the screen.  Based on the reviews alone, what is beyond the cover is what’s most attractive about the book that, according to the Amazon book description listing is  “a razor-sharp satire set in Texas during America’s war in Iraq, it explores the gaping national disconnect between the war at home and the war abroad.”

Normally, this isn’t my type of genre, but I am known to step into other genres being that I write across all genres.  I am curious to see how this movie works itself out, and with actors like Tucker and Diesel, I’m sure there will be enough of everything to keep the audience’s attention.

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