Director Spike Lee And Fashion Designer Marc Ecko Team Up For COMPLEX

by Mirika C on February 24, 2015


When I think about the famous writer, filmmaker, actor, and director Spike Lee, I hardly think about fashion.  What I do think about are the range of movies he’s brought to the big screen such as Malcolm X starring Denzel Washington and even School Daze among others. But when I sit back and actually think about it, Spike Lee has had his hand in fashion branding all along. It’s no surprise when the news hit that Marc Ecko desired Lee’s expertise, thus, the team up.

Spike Lee will oversee specific items, such as video and other content, at Ecko’s brand – Complex. Get the full story at the interview below via Wall Street Journal.

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Also, read Marc Ecko’s Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out as it’s 304 pages of what this entrepreneur says about branding just YOU against everyone else.  It’s worth the read, and written by someone who has actually done it and succeeded.

Here is more of Spike Lee and Marc Ecko below:

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