FEAR the WALKING DEAD Promo – Nick Escapes. Possible Scenarios?

by Mirika C on June 22, 2015


I can’t wait for Fear the Walking Dead to premiere. I am already a dang walker myself with The Walking Dead, so why not just throw a fear in front of it to add to my addiction.

For those of you who haven’t watched the Nick Escapes Fear the Walking Dead promo, you see him running for his dear life, but my whole thing is…what was he doing in the first place back in that whole in the wall building?

It’s obvious that he is running from walkers…or is it? Was he involved in some sort of crime where someone was killed, he stayed and saw the flipping body turn? Was he doing drugs and someone overdosed and exactly ten minutes later, he got sober after watching the dead walk?  Maybe, because of the fact that his pants were on the way down and his shirt was wide open we can also guess that he was in the middle of a little kissy poo when BOOM, her skin fell off and out came the monster.

Whatever the case may be, I’m ready for Nick to basically get caught and eaten alive because he just looks like he won’t make it far.

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