Fight Against Ebola Continues, Ebola Mix Up Puts More People In Danger

by Mirika C on March 3, 2015


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard the news overflowing with the messages about the Ebola virus. Once upon a time, everyone was holding their breath due to a feared outbreak that would take the world down in one swoop. Well, it didn’t, and many of us are still here, awaiting the news of some cure so that no one else will perish behind the disease that is taking the lives of thousands, mainly in specific countries in Africa.

No, not all countries in Africa are fighting this virus, but I think only two or three which is already bad enough. There is more news though. Turns out that one of the countries, Guinea, has reported that there were some tests gone wrong resulting in some Ebola positive patients being sent back home and later dying. How did this happen? I’m guessing, but I can’t come up with an answer.

According to Reuters, there were as many as “52 botched tests”, and the anti-Ebola coordinator knew about the mistakes but “gave lower figures”. There was apparently some sort of mix up with the test tubes.

Wow. Because of this, more will be sick and possibly die. I wanted to write about this so that we can continue to pray for the people being affected by this plague with the understanding that just because it isn’t being spoken of on the news as it once was when it was in America, there are still people out there that need support in many ways. The fight isn’t over.

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