Find Out What Happens WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, Starring Theo Rossi, Morris Chestnut & Regina Hall

by Mirika C on June 30, 2015


So there’s this new thriller slash mystery slash drama all rolled up in one to release on September 16 of 2016 starring Theo Rossi, Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall titled WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, and don’t you want to find out what happens? I do.

The gist of the movie is about a surrogate mom who wants her own family with her husband, but it’s not just the desire to have a family that’s crazy about this lady. She’s deathly crazy, so understand that this woman may just do about anything idiotic thing to make her sick dreams come true.

Morris Chestnut is drawn to these types of movies of late being that he stars in THE PERFECT GUY next to Sanaa Lathan and Michael Ealy, but he definitely is no stranger to the “stranger” type of film. Remember THE CALL, starring Halle Berry? Sure you do…the ending was horrid, but the movie was good.

I must admit I’ve been slacking on posting all the up and coming movie TEA, but if you click the link below, it’s Morris letting us know that he will show the skins on his upcoming scene before the cameras. Chile…pray first.  There’s a bit of Jodeci playing in the background, so you know he’s over the legal age since he knows about that life, but stop right there.  You’ve imagined enough.  He’s hitched.

Behind The Scenes – When The Bough BreaksBehind the Scenes – “When The Bough Breaks” – In Theaters – 2016 #WhenTheBoughBreaks #LoveScene

Posted by Morris Chestnut on Saturday, March 14, 2015

Anyway, Lance of The Best Man will return in The Best Man Wedding for April 2016, and I still have gotten no trailer, no nothings on this one.  It’s tiring waiting, but I shall.  Until then, THE PERFECT GUY…don’t act like you haven’t heard.

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