Free State of Jones Starring Matthew McConaughey – I Finally Watched & I Loved. Here’s Why…

Free State of Jones Starring Matthew McConaughey – I Finally Watched & I Loved. Here’s Why…

Posted on by Mirika C

Last week, I finally sat down, and when I say I sat down, I literally took the time out for myself to sit and not work or do something else outside of the walls of my home.  It was Saturday, and while in my living room, I decided to check out some movies, something different than the normal and with some substance.  As a matter of fact, it was just the other week that I watched a movie titled …   but I’ll write about that one later.

Anyway to skip all unrelated, I turned the movie on and watched.  O to the flipping M to the G.  I hated that I hadn’t watched Free State of Jones sooner.  It starts off with the North against the South, or the Civil War of the 1800’s right before the black men, women and children were legally set free from bondage in America.  In case you didn’t know, this movie is actually based on a true story, which is one of the reasons I decided to watch along with the story line of a white man in this period falling in love with a black woman.  I really wanted to see how this love story went down.

Besides that, however, there is a dynamic that is displayed in the movie that I hadn’t seen before on screen ever, and that was a white man placed in the position of a runaway, except he was running away from fighting a rich white man’s war while the other black men were as well while at the same time running for their lives due to slavery.  They all ended up fighting the same fight together, and the character played by Matthew McConaughey ended up being the glue between blacks and whites who fell into the same exact pot – poor and being taken advantage of by the rich – despite the fact that many poor whites still thought they were better than blacks until Matthew’s character, Newton Knight, educated them a bit in his own unique way.

The movie takes many sad turns, one of most heartbreaking when the character played by Hidden Figures actor Mahershala Ali named Moses was lynched after doing his best to do well take the movement even further with voting rights for blacks.

One of the most exciting moments of the movie, however, was when the women joined in the fight against the rich militia who continuously stole all of their food.  This fight was also led by Knight…so as you can probably tell by now, every fight in the movie was the poor and hopeless against the greedy and rich.  I mean, there was like four different fights going on in the movie, including when Moses was in a fight to get his son back out of slavery which was called an apprenticeship.

Anyway, there was also a baby born to Knight and the black woman he fell in love with named Rachel who was played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and that baby ended up with his own drama in the courts as he grew as a biracial man, but with the knowledge that the law considered him black which would lead to more problems with his own wife when the secret came out.

All and all, the movie was GREAT, and it would take more than just this blog post to give every single account of what when down in the movie.  Therefore, if you are looking for a movie with substance, energy, power and rebellion, this is it.  I can almost be certain that you’ve never seen another movie like Free State of Jones.  One of the most perfect lines in the movie, by the way, is this line – YOU CANNOT OWN A CHILD OF GOD.  It was spoken by Moses.  I literally clapped and said Amen.

Now if you want to read something that you’ve probably never read before…check my book below – Curse the Cotton.  (Yeah…shameless plug, but if you love historical fiction or movies like Free State of Jones, you will definitely love this one).

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