Get Ready, Set, Go For LEGO’S The Billion Brick Race Spinoff!

by Mirika C on March 26, 2015


If anyone knows anyone about me, I’m a huge Lego fan, so I became delighted out of my skin to hear about The Billion Brick Race which happens to be the spin-off Lego movie being written and directed by Jason Segel and Drew Pierce. The other movie I’m looking forward to is The Lego Movie 2 which won’t be out until 2018.

Anyway, I don’t know much about this flick except that it’s coming, and that means that Lego will be cranking out more Lego Sets to match. Historically, this means that I will be buying, building with my son, and then tweeting them to the world.

Whenever this The Billion Brick Race trailer releases, I shall have it here…hopefully.

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