Hotel Transylvania 2 Teaser Trailer Tosses A Tot In Training

by Mirika C on March 12, 2015


So I fell in love with Hotel Transylvania, but now that Hotel Transylvania 2 is coming out on the 25th of September, I’m going all out.

Didn’t See Hotel Transylvania? Watch It Now!

A teaser trailer just released where a youngster is tossed off this ever so tall tower in order to learn the technique called flying. Of course, this is a fanged up movie, so you get the picture as in don’t try what you see on this cartoon at home. It didn’t work in the cartoon either. Take a look.

Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler (Dracula) and Steve Buscemi all star in this flick, by the way, and we are all in for a definite treat.

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