I AM MOTHER Movie Review: Time For Daughter To Find Her Sane Father (SUPER SPOILERS)

I AM MOTHER Movie Review: Time For Daughter To Find Her Sane Father (SUPER SPOILERS)

Posted on by Mirika C

I recently watched the Netflix movie I Am Mother, and I was impressed. Honestly, it’s rare that a sci-fi keeps me engaged the entire way through. Most times, I hit the snooze at like fifteen minutes in and then wake up at the first odd sound the film gives which ends up at about twenty additional minutes in. No worries because I generally miss nothing but a bunch of oddly familiar words being used in a backwards and futuristic type of way with a slanted scientific rational that I don’t feel like following in the first place that truly makes no realistic sense anyway…hence SCI FI (Science FICTION). It’s not supposed to be real or make sense but still move the story.

This is exactly what was NOT going on in I Am Mother because I wasn’t lost in jargon! Hurray! Instead I became lost in how many flippin’ babies were “being conceived” all in one place! Get this… super spoilers ahead.

So, this mother who literally calls herself mother because she has no name other than Mother has a daughter who calls herself nothing other than daughter because she has no name other than Daughter… well…the both of them are chillin and growing together in this ship because the air is supposedly contaminated, and Mother…did I say she was a robot? Well, she is, and she is also cultivating human children because all of the other people are extinct. Her cultivated daughter is the only human on earth, or so Daughter thinks. She – the daughter- gets curious. She opens the door to see outside. Boom! There’s another human being. She sneaks her inside.

Mother (SheRobot) comes a running like the freakin’ Terminator to save Daughter save her hardheaded daughter from being contaminated by contaminants in the air. Long story short, the human that Daughter lets inside gives her the REAL scoop on Mother Robot Dearest. She tells and proves that Mother isn’t Dearest at all, but Devilish because she had brainwashed the girl since conception! Mother had been scheming on another level! You’ll see. With Mothers like that who needs Enemies?

Check this out though…Mother is really with the flippin aliens that killed all the other humans because they weren’t PERFECT ENOUGH. Get the flip outta here right? Yeah, dead serious.

Mother was killing all the babies, all of them…hundreds of them…even after they had a full set of teeth, jawbones, legs etc because they weren’t perfect enough. Daughter was the only one that was perfect in all ways enough to not be sent to ashes and dust. Bust this though, not only is Mother the one conceiving kids in glass eggs and stuff, lining them up with numbers in a lab, but she is also in mind control of the flock of alien robots that killed all the imperfect humans. She basically is them! This Mother is a stone cold helicopter parent to the ninth power and then some.

Daughter wasn’t trying to feel Mother anymore, especially since another human baby was born just the other day. She was like… and I’m paraphrasing… “Mother, where is Father? You are a freakin’ psycho. I have to kill you, boo, so you won’t hurt my new … BROTHER!”

Yeeeeessss! BROTHER was born…and he was really a BROTHA, too!

Anyway, I gave away most of the movie, but it was so good! The reason I stopped at the movie because one of my favorite actors… Hilary Swank…was on the poster, so I knew it had to be good. She brought the other half of the fire needed to solidify an already great movie with a super lead named Clara Ruggard. She did her thing as Daughter because I actually believed she was an innocent, sweet, naive, coo-coo that called a piece of metal Mother, until Swank slapped some sense into her. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell everything…I don’t think. If I did, I warned you. You know you wanted to know.

I loved this movie from beginning to end. Five out of five star with no complaints whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I’m watching it again.

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