Idris Elba Definitely On For Star Trek 3 In Brand New Role (Video)

by Mirika C on April 22, 2015


I’m not a Trekky or anything, and I’ve never been though I come from a rather long span of Trekkers. This time, I may make take all that back because Idris Elba is more than likely definitely playing a brand new character in Star Trek 3!

I hear the applause from my house.

So…the verification of Elba in this new role comes form the screenwriter himself, Simon Pegg, and you can watch this great verification in the interview below. (Verification also came from Idris Elba himself some time ago that he isn’t going to be James Bond at all, despite the rumors.) Thus, this news about Star Trek 3 gives us Elba fans something great to look at look forward to on the big screen when the movie arrives in 2016.  Hopefully, they do write him a GREAT role…that carries on for this new generation of Trekkers that will be captured with him on film.


If you’re wondering about that movie that I slapped to the right of this post titled One Love, I am as well.  I find it very ODD that I haven’t seen it yet, so it’s on my hit list…if I can find it digitally.

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