If You Think Your Relationships & Love Are Super Complex, Watch the Movie “Sand Storm”

If You Think Your Relationships & Love Are Super Complex, Watch the Movie “Sand Storm”

Posted on by Mirika C

I watched Sand Storm, and I loved watching it. For those who have Netflix, it’s on there right now, so look it up as it is a great foreign film that centers around the love and permitted love along with the emotions that surround it with all the complexities.

Backdrop: Think Middle Eastern country as I didn’t quite catch what country it took place in at the very beginning, but from research, it took place in Southern Israel. Next, think relationship and marriage customs while at the same time think love between two people that may have to be shared with others or simply forbidden, forcing even an emotional rebellion.

That is the mold of the movie, however, it is so much more as it’s rare of me to see this type of film where a young female falls in love with a young man at the same school. A certain turn of events happen where she must loan her mother clothing to attend a festival where her husband will take another wife. During this celebration, which she isn’t all too happy about, she uncovers her daughter’s cellular phone. It rings and it is the boy whom loves her daughter.

Here begins conflict number one. Heartbreak and desperation follows after the discovery of the cell phone along with anger and even hope from the teenage girl that her mother and father would understand that she wants to be with her boyfriend in marriage. However, her parents don’t see it that way as tradition and customs forbid certain interaction between men and women.

Meanwhile, the mother has to come to terms with her husband running off with his new wife, and in many ways leaving her to fend for herself emotionally and in other ways, while every once and a while, he would check on her and the children being that his is his first wife. It’s obvious she isn’t thrilled about him taking another wife, however, she pretends that it is all good until she reaches a breaking point. This breaking point comes after she is banished and forced to leave her children when she totally disagrees with her husband for arranging a marriage for their teen daughter with a man whom she doesn’t care much for in the first place.

As a result, she guides her daughter to break every custom and just leave because there is nothing for her in that place. Nearing the end of the movie, the cycle of rebellion for love and ones own desires continues as well as the custom of arranging marriages and the complexities that may come with it. The ending is what I consider poetic in nature as it lends anyone watching the opportunity to draw their own conclusion, so I felt that the ending meant that another young girl(s) would end up experiencing same traumas of love, custom and even rebelling against it for the next generations to come. Although the movie surrounded a female, it also showed how males were also caught up in the cycle to a different degree.

All in all, I loved the movie. It is one that I would watch again, so it’s placed in my favorites when it comes to foreign movies.

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