Jada Pinkett Smith Is Leaving GOTHAM

by Mirika C on March 6, 2015


Confession:  Gotham was one of those television shows that I wanted to watch, meant to watch, but didn’t watch.

With that being stated, the main person who drew me to the show to begin with, Jada Pinkett Smith, is now leaving the show at the end of the season.  Again, I didn’t watch, but I would only assume that it’s a bummer for fans.

Her role is and will end soon as Fish Mooney, and according to an interview Jada gave to Extra, the end of Fish is going to be a banger!  I suppose this will leave me to binge watching because I will truly feel like I missed out…on something… that isn’t the regular Jada that I’m accustomed to seeing on movies.

For instance, this Jada as Fish was supposedly sadistic almost, and even nuts enough to carve her own eye out with a freaking utensil.  If that isn’t enough to get anyone who hasn’t watched to want to watch, I don’t know what could.

Anyway, I’m all in…well after this season is over.  Shall binge.

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