Jennifer Hudson Brings “Purity” To Empire As She Faces Andre

by Mirika C on March 5, 2015


**Spoiler for Episode 10**

Actor Trai Byers of the television show Empire is many things when he plays the role of Andre.  He’s a husband, the son of a hip hop legend, an older brother, potentially next in line to own Empire after his father’s death, but there’s more.  He suffers from a mental disorder.  He is bipolar.

Everyone probably knows someone who is bipolar, and it’s a condition that, with proper treatment, can be handled really well.  Unfortunately, for Andre of Empire, he doesn’t want to remain controlled by his medication, therefore, spiraling out of control at times with emotional breakdowns.

But there is help in a future episode.  Jennifer Hudson is coming to save the day, so to speak.  According to an interview Trai Byers did with The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Hudson brings “purity” to the role she plays (Michelle) and it “connects with the purity of Andre”, thus, leading him on an encouraging path of finding himself, apart from Empire Entertainment.

So there you have it for those who wanted the scoop on why they saw Jennifer Hudson and Andre oh so close on that Empire sneak peek.  She will be there as a comfort to him, and hopefully, it helps.

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