Joseph Sikora of POWER Talks His Journey In Acting, White Privilege & Racism Overall

by Mirika C on August 19, 2015


I just checked out this up close and personal that April Walker had with Power actor Joseph Sikora, but we all know I want to call him Tommy Egan. He plays my favorite character on the show only because even though he’s a hot head, when it comes to the criminal mind, he seems to be the most loyal out of the bunch, even being more loyal to Ghost’s wife when Ghost isn’t!

Off the show though, in this sit down interview, Sikora talks being in that Jordan commercial from back in the day (I had no idea that was him but how would I know when I was just a youngster myself) and how long it took him to get his big break, to white privilege and racism overall in the country. Although short, the interview was great and I do appreciate interviews like this one so much because it gives everyone a look beyond and into the person we generally see just on television playing a role.

It’s always good to get the goods when the actor is being his genuine self. Turns out, Tommy’s Joseph’s a cool dude.

So I did my research, and it’s true, it did take him a while to make it to where he is today. Although he’s had small roles for a long, and I mean long, time in mostly television series, Power is definitely one of the moments that set him apart. The absolute great thing is that his story of basically never giving up based on his acting career alone is so powerful to anyone who has a dream. Keep pushing. God knows where to place you and at the right time.

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