Kelly Osbourne Leaves E!’s FASHION POLICE

by Mirika C on February 28, 2015


Kelly Osbourne has decided to leave E!’s fashion police after Zendaya’s dreadlocks comment made by Rancic, even after Rancic’s apology.  There are just some things that one can’t overlook, and Kelly decided to make a move.

Honestly, I don’t blame Kelly Osbourne for leaving at all.  If you don’t take a stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything.  According to reports, there were three takes before the show aired, even after Kelly voiced concerns about Rancic making the derogatory statements about Zendaya’s dreads.  The show proceeded to air it and allow her (Rancic) to speak her mind…which backfired.

Ratings are one thing.  Racism is another.  Surely, Osbourne will find another opportunity…but one will likely find her.

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