Leonardo DiCaprio To Take On Multiple Personalities In Upcoming Film

by Mirika C on February 28, 2015


Someone’s real life is being made into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio! The movie will be called THE CROWDED ROOM.

There is also a book that was written in 1981 by the author Daniel Keyes, and it’s based off of this same true story. The title is The Minds of Billy Milligan.

Let’s discuss the real life man first.  Although the title of the book reads Billy, the real life Billy’s name is William Milligan who was in trouble with the law after committing multiple felonies such as rape and robbery in the 1970s.  When arrested and sent to court for trial, insanity was the defense with his lawyer(s) claiming that his other personalities did it without the real William knowing what was going on.

Spooky enough as it is, he was acquitted by reason of insanity and spent his years in a mental institution.  He is now dead, leaving this earth just last year.  He had been diagnosed with having 14 different personalities in all.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play this role, and if you saw him in Django Unchained and Shutter Island any other of his great roles, then you must know he will slay this one as well.

Put this movie on your MUST SEE list when it releases – THE CROWDED ROOM.

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