LIONHEART Movie Review: It Delivers a Strong Female Lead In Excellent Film

LIONHEART Movie Review: It Delivers a Strong Female Lead In Excellent Film

Posted on by Mirika C

If you know me, you know I stay up in Nollywood, and straight out of Nollywood came a movie directed by Genevieve Nnaji titled Lionheart. She also starred in it by the way, doing a great job with her performance from start to finish. By now you can tell that I enjoyed the flick. Props. Here comes spoiling time so stop reading if you don’t want the goods! (This movie, I won’t deliver too many details, but I will dish some.)

Genevieve Nnaji played the daughter (Adaeze) of a huge company called Lionheart. Adaeze put her heart and soul into helping her dad with their transportation business, but when her father had a heart attack and couldn’t complete his role fully at the company, someone had to take his place temporarily. Well, Adaeze thought it would be herself, but instead, dear old, laid up in the sick bed dad, appointed his brother as acting head of the company to oversee all things.

Of course, this was a huge slap in the frontal lobe to Adaeze who attempted to keep her composure through the let down. From there, the movie introduced many humorous tones, which I thoroughly enjoyed, from Adaeze and her uncle getting locked after he clocked a loan officer in the face for just thinking about assaulting is niece to all the odd steps those two take throughout the movie with one another. Nnaji did a great job directing all of this, and the cinematography was sharp as a tack which only helped relay all the ups and downs clearly and precisely without hiccups and hangups to through viewers off. I truly love a movie that gets lighting and all that worked out perfectly. Great job.

Not only was the movie filled with funny moments along with the serious, but the law of attraction and tension was in full gear when Adaeze was caught up in a room alone with a former male friend and also when she met a potential love interest during a business deal.

Altogether, Lionheart delivered a clear beginning, great emotional, mental and financial conflicts that kept me tuned in to find out what exactly was going to happen next, and finally a super conclusion at the very end. I was so happy for that conclusion because I watch many movies out of Nollywood, and sometimes the movies just abruptly end…just leaving me hangin’ like…what the heck?? What’s about to happen? It’s like they just end mid story. Not Lionheart!!!! Hurray!! Lionheart brought each conflict to rest, and I was terribly happy for that. Seriously happy. Bless you, Nnaji and all the writers.

I give Lionheart a 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great, family friendly movie that promotes equality in the workplace, strong family values with a powerful female lead who doesn’t compromise herself for what she wants. Bravo. I see you, Nollywood.

By the way, see it on Netflix.

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