M. Night Shyamalan Talks Wayward Pines & Notes on a Possible Unbreakable 2 Movie

by Mirika C on April 19, 2015


So Wayward Pines is the series that I’m waiting on watching, along with Power of course. Again, Wayward Pines, as I mentioned before but maybe not in these same words, has a magnificent storyline, and it has me pumped to see what’s in between all of it.  May 14th on FOX is when the show is to premiere, but right now, I want to show off M. Night Shyamalan, the man behind the television screen debut of this Blake Crouch book made series.

Shyamalan was talking Wayward Pines during his very first time at the event, and he explained (sort of) how he got the cast together – and it is a truly phenomenal cast – to star in the series.  The most suspenseful thing Shyamalan said about Wayward Pines is what all people who love to sit on the edge of their seats want to hear – “…it’s definitely going to cause you to wait until I tell you what the he** is going on.”

But look though…Shyamalan also dishes on intent to release Unbreakable 2 which was a legendary movie.  Like all creators, he intends to bring it, but of course, will end up pushing back that intent as he releases other projects. We do hope for another Unbreakable as that was one of the movies that I absolutely love that he created, but it looks like I will need to possibly wait another ten plus years to get it by the way his answer sounded. (Not likely)


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