Melissa Harris-Perry Vents At The Mic of Cornell: Hopes Trayvon Martin Whooped Zimmerman

by Mirika C on February 26, 2015


We lost a young man in Florida when an armed man tracked him and shot him dead. The young man was innocent. Trayvon Martin died, and Zimmerman lived to go free. We marched and prayed. Zimmerman’s own “friend” took back his lie where he said Zimmerman had a right to kill Martin by truthfully admitting that Zimmerman murdered him for no reason. Still, G. Zimmerman is free.

May Trayvon Martin rest with God. God saw and sees all. HE is justice for all of us. In the meantime, there is still outrage as Melissa Harris-Perry hopes that Trayvon Martin beat the mess out of Zimmerman before his death. See her below as she speaks, obviously with plenty emotion and anger over the situation of Zimmerman going free from federal charges.

Black Lives Matter. They always have and always will…no matter what those who live with hatred and stereotypes think. Trayvon and all those murdered…matter. People have a right to be angry when ANYONE, no matter the race, innocent is killed. Zimmerman had no right to kill this young man. God will be the ultimate judge of all.


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