Morris Chestnut Lands Leading Role As A Doctor In New Drama ROSEWOOD

by Mirika C on March 11, 2015


It looks like Morris Chestnut has landed a leading role in the television series titled Rosewood which is headed to FOX.  He will play a doctor, a pathologist out of Miami, Florida who is the best at breaking down the dead and finding things that no one else can within the morbid bodies.  I assume the drama comes in when he clashes with detectives and tends to have a great read on people.

RFThe rundown of the series leads one to believe that this is a drama, but what else will go into the movie has yet to be seen.  The center of the drama is Dr. Rosewood, so watch to see what we will get.

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What makes me pumped to watch Rosewood is that it’s a role that Morris Chestnut has never played, at least that I know of.  I’m a fan of his work, and this role seems to break down even more barriers as far as television and African Americans which as shown tremendous expansion in just the last year or two with series such as Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Empire and more.  This is a terrific opportunity to showcase even more avenues of African Americans that haven’t necessarily been shown in television dramas for the most part in the past.

Way to go, Morris Chestnut for locking in this role, and hopefully, the drama is a winner.  Meanwhile, we all await the next BEST MAN movie… The Best Man Wedding with Morris Chestnut playing Lance…which is due out in 2016.

Other than The Best Man Wedding however is another movie that sounds very interesting titled When the Bough Breaks that Chestnut is currently filming with Regina Hall Theo Rossi.  It’s a drama slash horror flick where a surrogate mom has an evil plan for the husband who is to raise the child she bears.  Sounds nuts, right?  Well, the surrogate must be a little off, so this is definitely one on my radar.

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