MOVIE REVIEW: “Message From The King” Is Everything Great When Cape Town Meets L.A. With Vengeance!

by admin on August 8, 2017

Over the weekend, I ran across a movie that was bound to get my Netflix attention regardless of whatever, and that movie was MESSAGE FROM THE KING. First off, I like the star of the movie – Chadwick Boseman – who has basically gotten and will continue to get a plethora of great roles due to his incredible acting skillllls. So now off the man and into the character he played in the movie. There shall be spoilers, so kick all the rocks if you don’t want them. Just remember to come back later.

Below is the trailer of Message from the King, and Chadwick plays Jacob from I believe it was Cape Town, South Africa. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but he travels to Los Angeles, Cali to find his sister who has gotten caught up in some major sickening stuff. While there, he meets up with a couple three people who end up leading him via hints to where she should go next to find his sister. Here is the spoiler, so stop now. He finds his sister dead in the morgue via one of those hints that got dropped to him.

Instead of limping over and crying and heading back to SA with the news, he basically starts a massacre of his own, slicing and dicing those who killed his sister, who basically went sour on some sort of deal she made while living a life of porn and drugs that she apparently got crossed up in while in a bad relationship, and all this also involved dealing children in some sort of sick trafficking. Yeah. Told you it was disgusting.

Anyway, it’s not all action packed, but it’s just enough energy and depth with all the characters that the movie seriously makes you care for Jacob and everyone else that you are supposed to give a care about. One of the items that I love about Message from the King is that the South African protagonist was everything! I mean everything! I have not once seen a movie like this with a black, South African protagonist letting loose and busting skulls as a good guy. Period. Come to find out, he is a detective back in his home and even when he gets back home, he keeps his sister’s image a pure one. He never even mentions that she is deceased.

Now, I’m about to rate this one with a 5 out of 5 since Netflix has tossed the old rating system. For the new rating system, thumbs all the way up with a black power fist because I can.

Watch and love. Plate of beef ribs on the side. Enjoy. It’s everything you want, but hide the kids.

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