Movie Review: “OUT OF MY HAND” Is an Immigrant Story With Complex Ties Out of Liberia

Movie Review: “OUT OF MY HAND” Is an Immigrant Story With Complex Ties Out of Liberia


I watched Out of My Hand about two weeks ago, and I forgot to write a review on this great movie. Before I get into it, however, encourage everyone to watch international movies, whether independent or not, because there is so much value in it overall. I think I have gained so much introspect when watching films out of Africa, India and the Middle East. As far as with OUT OF MY HAND, it starts off in Liberia, Africa with a farmer who gathers what looks like milk from trees, but this milk-lookalike is actually rubber which is used to make shoes all over the world.

It’s backbreaking work and very time consuming, and when everyone is fed up with the hard work for little pay, one farmer takes his efforts elsewhere, deciding to move to New York to earn more and make his dreams come true for himself and his family. He moves to a Liberian area of New York where he starts off really well, however, his past comes back to haunt him when he runs into an old friend. Trust and believe, this old friend means him no good.

**By the way, this YouTube video has the title wrong. It really is Out of my Hand, not Hands**

Without delivering a spoiler, the twists boosts the movie into a whole other arena, and my only wish is that there was a visual flashback after running into the old friend. Even though there was increased tension between the old friend and the protagonist, I also wanted there to be more of a struggle. Besides that, the movie was awesome to watch as life is definitely hard on both ends, and I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5 stars due to the connecting units that I feel could have had more climax to them as well as the ending which I thought had more to explain.

I love the fact that this is an immigrant’s tale and it’s raw to the core. It shows the highs and hopes and even failures, but in the end, it shows the determination to keep going. Even though the ending was as it is, that is my take from the ending…to keep going.

4.5 out of 5…a great movie to see. Hook up with OUT OF MY HAND on Netflix.

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