Nicki Minaj Comedy Coming To ABC & It’s All About Her LIFE!

by Mirika C on September 29, 2015


Nicki Minaj has been just about everywhere when it comes to entertainment…or so we thought.  It looks like Minaj is headed to ABC in a yet untitled project that focuses on her life, from birth in Trinidad to her rearing in America.  We will get a comedic look at her life in 30 minutes per week that showcases her family and much more.

Any questions?

I sure have them.  I am entirely curious about what type of comedy we are getting ready to see, what type of Nicki we will see on camera, and a whole lot more.  For those who don’t know, even though she was born in Trinidad, I believe she was raised in Queens…oh wait.  Now I’m starting to see how a bit of great comedy can come to play really fast!  When you mesh two different “worlds”, the party may just be getting started.

Anyway, I’m excited and always ready for something fresh and new that will bring a new vibe to the screen as well as fresh new cultures other than the norm we see from day to day.  Even better, all Nicki Minaj fans will latch on fairly quickly to watch the rise of the rap artist before their very eyes…in comedy.



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