Robert Townsend To Direct A Brand New BREWSTER’S MILLIONS!

by Mirika C on March 2, 2015


Robert Townsend, whom I know all too well from his movies like Hollywood Shuffle, A Soldier’s Story, The Five Heartbeats, and The Mighty Quinn, will be directing the newly adapted BREWSTER’S MILLIONS!

This movie I watched as a child, and I must have watched it over twenty times.  Thus, I’m glad it’s coming back.  Unfortunately, we won’t have one of the world’s greatest comedians Richard Pryor as we did before, but surely, there will be another great to make the role come to life as he did…hopefully.

Did you know that Brewster’s Millions was a book first? It was! Written by George Barr McCutcheon.  Well done!  I’ve never read the book, but you know what they say…the book is always better.  It must be a tremendously funny and well written book to beat out the movie.  I’ll have to check it out.

So, let me put the movie in my own words.  Monty (that’s what I call him) inherits millions of dollars, but stands the chance to win even more millions if he takes the challenge and spends all the original inheritance…without letting anyone know the reason why!  Basically, he stands the chance of losing it because he has to complete the challenge in exactly 30 days.  Will he do it?  Watch the movie and see!

Anyway, if anyone can make this movie happen, it’s Robert Townsend because he’s proven he can bring the funny and the pain, the happiness and the rain in every single movie he touches as an actor and director.  I’ll be waiting.

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