Sanaa Lathan Coming To FOX In New RACE-DRIVEN Series

by Mirika C on October 7, 2015


If you haven’t already heard the big news for our The Perfect Guy star Sanaa Lathan, FOX is developing a show and she will be the star of it all.  Sticking with the director of Love & Basketball, Gina Prince-Bythewood, the series will take on racism but in a flip flop manner by using the struggles of today with police brutality and the vast mistreatment of African Americans.

In this particular show, the chaos starts when a white male is killed by an African American officer.  Sound interesting?   Well, it’s very different that what we tend to see in reality and on screen, but Sanaa will take it on by playing the lead detective of the show.

Now that we know the angle FOX is coming from with this one, the only thing left to find out is if it will take and how it will fair with audiences.    All I can say is interesting…very interesting.  The writer/director is an obvious talent, so I don’t think for one second this show will be flaky, but instead be very tasteful and give audiences many things to think about.

We shall see.  I really do “trust” what this writer is capable of because for the most part, she’s written and directed powerful films, one of the more recent releases being Beyond the Lights.  This movie was super enjoyable and gave new meaning to “celebrity” and becoming who you are instead of what everyone wants you to be on your way to the top.

Currently, Gina Prince-Bythewood is also working on a title called Before I Fall which has a very interesting plot as well – a girl who constantly relives what may be her last day on Earth until she finally gets it right.

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