Sara’s Notebook MOVIE REVIEW: I’m Hardly Ever This Sad and Angry At The Same Time (SPOILERS)

Sara’s Notebook MOVIE REVIEW: I’m Hardly Ever This Sad and Angry At The Same Time (SPOILERS)

Posted on by Mirika C

I know it’s been a long while since I posted a movie review although I have been watching plenty.  I decided to write a movie review on a movie titled Sara’s Notebook, which I saw on Netflix, because this sucker really bothered me to the utmost.  Check out the trailer below first, if they don’t pull the trailer from being shared on YouTube, and then read what I have to say below.


So, in a short run down, this lady from I think Spain is on a search to find her sister, Sara, who has been missing for I think about two years.  She has absolutely no idea where she could be in the African country of Congo until she gets a tip that she could be held captive by The Hawk and his dangerous crew who abducts kids and turns them into child soldiers while raping and killing entire villages.  The Spanish lady, by the name of Laura, goes there and insists to follow journalists into the dangerous territory.  Well, she ends up going on her own with the help of a young Congolese male guide named Jamir who isn’t in the least excited about taking her there.  However, he decides to do so anyway.


At this point, I wanted to slap him sideways and tell him,”If you don’t get your butt back to what you were doing before she showed up, you better!” However, being the nice person that I am, I allowed him to do it by continuing the movie.  It was a stupid move, but you will see why I wanted to slap him in a minute.

Anyway, they barely get the journey started when the freaking jungle crew comes out of nowhere shooting kids, women and children on the road while Laura’s grown butt is hollering for the young man whose life she is putting at risk for her GROWN ADULT sister.  She’s yelling “Jamir!  Jamir!  Help, Jamir!”  And instead of Jamir jumping ship and running, he, with his great heart, saves her and they escape into the jungle.  HE SAVES HER LIFE.

Next, she begins to get tired all of a sudden.  Look, if your adrenaline is that bad, you don’t need it.  She nearly got her butt killed, and she gets tired.  Did she not see those mugs with long knives and guns coming at her?  Nope.  You don’t get tired when that happens.

Anyway, she sits while Jamir is like screw you, dudette.  I’m out.  But then, she hollers, JAMIR!  Why does she holler?  Her dumb butt gets bitten by a snake.  Who sits down in the jungle?

Jamir runs back to save her AGAIN by carrying her on his back to a small village where a friendly woman helps her heal from the snake bite, but just when things get safe, Jamir senses and sees danger.  This is count number 3 when he saves her.  The Hawk’s crew comes and horribly ravages the village, rapes the woman who saved poor little Laura’s life and then the part that brought me to freaking agony…the crew has the daughter shoot her own mother.

I tell you, I thought this was the saddest part of movie.  It wasn’t.

After the crew leaves the village, Jamir tells Laura to stay put because she was in a safe place.  Her doofy butt doesn’t listen, and leaves the safe spot which leads to Jamir having to save her life for a FOURTH freaking time.  At this, I’m pissed.  I already told Jamir to kick rocks and don’t leave a trail where she can find him.  It’s obvious he doesn’t listen to me because he is still helping her escape this RAPE.  He went full brother on one of The Hawk’s jungle crew and cut that mug up.  That was a bravo point even though I wanted him to leave after that.  Keep reading…

As time goes on, she freaking gives up the search for her sister Sara!!  Now, Jamir is on his own!  She gets the help of the UN, leaves him with some freaking money, and bounces with a tear and hug.  GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLLL…


So instead of spoiling the whole great movie by the way, I will let you finish the rest on your own if you stop reading right here.  If you continue, well, that’s on  you because when she goes BACK on the hunt for her sister Sara with the journalists for real this time, they get captured.  She finds out that her sister Sara WANTS to stay in the jungle with The Hawk and the crew because they need a doctor. Here’s the unforeseen twist though.  Guess who is captured?  Jamir.  She sees something that belongs to him, and she knows he’s there.  At that same time, she finds out that The Hawk is freaking dead, and they are fooling everyone that he is alive because he’s supposed to be the most powerful prick on that side of the tracks.  This is who the abducted child soldiers hold their loyalty to…like forever.

Guess who killed The Hawk?  Sara.

Guess who is there to kill The Hawk.  Jamir.  He doesn’t know The Hawk is dead.  He ends up killing a fake The Hawk.  The white people get blamed for his death.

Now, guess who gets captured AGAIN and is about to die?  Laura.

Guess who saves her life by giving his life for hers?  JAMIR.

I was pissed.  Why?  I was angry because after Jamir saved her life FIVE FREAKING TIMES, she stood there and watched him get shot to death FOR HER.  She didn’t even pull a knife hand strike or a side kick on those jokers.  She didn’t even take a bullet for him after all that.  Honestly, I feel like he should have just let her die.  She has no loyalty at all.  Sorry…that’s how I feel especially after Jamir saved her life that many times.  She could have at least spit in someone’s face.  She didn’t do one thing to show she had heart for him.  She was like…bye.


My favorite character was Jamir.  I dislike Laura, Sara, the journalists and all The Hawk’s crew.  Without Jamir, the movie would have sucked.  I hope whoever played him got paid the most money because I literally fell in love with his character.  For him, I give it a 5 out of 5.  For her, I give it a 1 out of 5.  She pissed me off.

Overall, it’s a 4 out of 5.  Good job with the movie.  Horrible job with who was chosen as the main character.  This movie should have been all about Jamir.  It should have been his story.

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3 thoughts on “Sara’s Notebook MOVIE REVIEW: I’m Hardly Ever This Sad and Angry At The Same Time (SPOILERS)

  1. sorryformyenglish

    I just watched this movie and I absolutely agree with you. I know something about Africa, something about Congo and actually I like this movie because it seems real. I’m not suprised about a little girl killing her mother nor raping, etc. This is how it is. If you are Congolese and a former child soldier you can never become a hero no matter how many times you save a life. His destiny was death and I can’t imagine how much money she gave him in that scene in front of the UN station (probably few hundreds euros) but when I watched him standing and waiting for her… I realized he did it because he had nowhere to go, nothing to do. There is nothing like a good future for them. He can’t go to Spain or find a good job, have a nice life. it’s not that easy (bureaucracy) and she would never help him because as this movie showed, white people in Africa mostly care about their problems. I also like that they showed how MONUSCO troops are useless in Congo, protecting crazy foreigners who shouldn’t be allowed to be there in the first place. Even after they saved her, she went to Goma again and the UN had to pick her up by helicoptere. It is all such a waste of money. 30 UN peacekeeping operations since 1991 and billions of $$$ and where are the results? Where is the f…..g peace?

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Amelia, and I am with you on that last part where you almost shut it down! LOL That was one of the points where I was livid! Still to this day, I wanted the movie to end like this: Jamir watching them snap Laura’s neck because she should have never placed him in the position anyway. Without her, he could have escaped after killing the fake HAWK, no guilt no nothing. Nail in the coffin was her going back to kneel at her sister’s grave and no siggggnnnn of her searching for poor Jamir. She simply just gets all the way on my nerves. —Much love to you!


    I think showing the risks Jamir took for Laura and Laura’s lack of appreciation/awareness were intentional. Jamir (even after EVERYTHING that he had done for Laura) was concerned for her life, her sister’s life, and even the way Laura saw him-because of the way the Hawk’s group of Rebels had mentally f*cked him. By making him kill his parents he had lost a part of himself that he felt he never could get back or never deserved to get back. Him giving his life in exchange for Laura’s wasn’t as much for Laura as it was for his parents. I think the regret and self hatred that he harbored from being forced to kill his parents was too much for him to take and seeing Laura being a MORON to get her sister back may have made him realize that if this dipshit was willing to throw herself into a shit storm to save her sister, then why couldn’t he have stood up and saved his parents. From my limited 20 minute google search on the film i found that it’s all fiction, so I’m sure the undertones are numerous-however, my takeaway was that Laura was just a match/lighter/flame that Jamir needed to unite with in order to set himself free from his guilt. I was also beyond PISSED OFF when Laura was going to fly back and told Jamir “so now that you’re in the center of the jungle, here’s some cash, don’t go back to the jungle that I’m ditching you in, and don’t kill any more people”. I almost shut it down at that point.

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