Snoop Dogg Bringing A Series Based Out Of Los Angeles To HBO

by Mirika C on March 20, 2015


Word is that rapper Snoop Dogg, who also has acting creds under his belt which include his latest appearance on FOX’s hit show Empire, is attempting to bring a Los Angeles based series to HBO.  Snoop Dogg will be executive producer on this budding show which will be centered on family in a clash with community and politics.  It sounds all too realistic with today’s society.

There is no date on when this series will potentially make it to HBO, but I certainly hope it will make it over the course of a year or two.  The premise seems interesting, and I want to see what Snoop has up his sleeves.

Anyway, you know books are the main thing that I’m about.  Have you read the book to your right?  People forget author…Snoop Dogg is one.  Click to check it out.

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