Spider-Man: Homecoming…It Was So WOKE. Loved It.

Spider-Man: Homecoming…It Was So WOKE. Loved It.

Posted on by Mirika C

I went to the movies over the weekend and saw Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it was super great. I’m honestly not big on Spider-Man for the most part because I watch the same scenario each time, however, this time was different. This Spider-Man had adventures that the last Spider-man movies I’ve watched just simply didn’t and to top it off, the Spider-Man was WOKE.

The movie captured everything about how I grew up – literally. I was a military brat, so I was around and grew up with everyone who may not have thought exactly like or been the same race or culture. Spider-Man: Homecoming brought it with interracial relationships and even stood in protest of slavery, which by the way was brilliantly done. Spider-Man had hilarious friends, an adventurous journey, and an up to date feel for today’s generation. Despite touching on serious subjects, it never detracted from the story nor the humor at all in the movie. Directors and writers did an excellent job.

All that being stated, I won’t spoil the film, but I do appreciate LEGO showing up in the movie as well because I absolutely love building them with my son and when that sucker broke in the movie, my heart flipped out.

All that aside, the movie keeps your attention from start to finish, and even brings the tension with close encounters that played out brilliantly with the characters. Revealing moments were awesome, and just for those who may not know already, wait until the credits are over. There are two, not one, but two items you need to see in the credits, the last one being the funniest.

Five out of Five stars. It’s an everyone film which is why it is the best.

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