SPOILER ALERT *** BRIGHT Movie Review, Starring Will Smith – What Chaos It Is, Unexplained Chaos

SPOILER ALERT *** BRIGHT Movie Review, Starring Will Smith – What Chaos It Is, Unexplained Chaos


So, I was all amped up to see the movie Bright when it hit Netflix, not only because of the fact that the now legendary Will Smith is the protagonist of the whole deal, but the movie actually looked great based on the trailer.  Prior to seeing the movie, I’d already heard many people saying that his was like a movie called Alien Nation, however, I’ve NEVER seen such a flick, so I was all in the clear of any biases.

Immediately, I discern the division and diversity in the movie along with the bold and bravo statements of equality for the races.  Great and fair enough because that’s something that is necessary whether it be on this world or other worlderly.  Will Smith, or should I call him by his character name in the flick, Daryl, is married to a white woman and they have a biracial daughter.  The only reason I make mention of their races at all is because this was the obvious foundation for making their points in the movie, especially when it came to Nick, the orc cop, who honestly does look like Shrek with malaria and a really bad case of the flu.  He’s all the way cool though, and the movie allows anyone to feel for him as he struggles and has struggled through racism all of his life while not being able to fit in based on his desire to be this career cop, the career that EVERYONE hates in this movie.  Problem is, the movie failed make me understand where the orcs came from which left me with an empty spot in my brain for so long that I just filled it with my own plot as to where they came from, which is something that I shouldn’t have to do.  I just figured that hey, these are just another race of people…period.  Hit snooze on dissecting it until they tell me.

Anyway, as the story unfolds, we find out why Daryl dislikes Nick and Nick is pushing his way to get along with his partner who he “let” get shot.  This however wasn’t the case, and I won’t spoil that part for you.  However, it is at this point where I begin to fall asleep because nothing, and I repeat nothing is happening, until when I wake up from my minute doze to wonder what the heck is this wand thing??  Furthermore, they begin talking about freaking elves and evil odd eared creatures and “brights” that need it (the mysterious wand) AS IF THEY EXPLAINED ANY OF THESE CREATURES FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!

This is why over thirty minutes into the movie, I’m totally confused, lost and like what the flip???  There is a whoooollllle backstory that I freaking missed, and nope, it wasn’t because I dozed off.  There is a rewind button that I hit to re-watch that crap I slept on, and still there was no clear cut, thorough explanation as to where these people came from, not even the orcs, and the elves and the flipping wand.  No…no…no…not one complete solid explanation, however, as the movie unfolds into the next hour, things start coming together slowly, but still not well.  Honestly, if you want to understand this movie from the jumpstart, you must READ the synopsis somewhere online because the trailers nor the movie will get you up to speed when it comes to backstory.  I am a character driven watcher and reader so yeah…tossing me a story without the answers to why and who and what kind of frustrate me…just a lilllll bit.

As a matter of fact…the whole fifteen flipping minutes of wife and child that took up the beginning of the flick could have been tossed out because that could have actually been used for BACK STORY for the orcs and elves because the wife and kid dipped early on in the movie and never were seen again, thus basically irrelevant, until the end of movie where Daryl and Nick survive and are awarded the medals of honor or whatever from the police station.  Yes that was a minor spoiler.  Sorry no warning there.

Just…okay…I would have preferred backstory in the beginning instead of the whole family life deal.  And I get it, that they may want a part two due to the fact that — SPOILER ALERT— Daryl (Will Smith) is a Bright – someone who can hold the wand in hand without internally combusting – which may in turn mean that his daughter is one as well, thus the part 2.  But still… the whole family part could have come together and been introduced in part 2 AFFFFTTTTERRRR giving his single life and backstory of the flipping ORC, BRIGHT and importance of the WAND and the LORD of the WAND ish so that many, including myself, wouldn’t be left wondering…


All in all, I give the movie a 3.5 out of 5 because some things they could have just left out until part 2 which would have left more time to actually add needed things in this first Bright.  To me, it would have made for a better story line.  As far as the actors, they did a jam up job which is the only reason why I can and will bump it to a 4 star because they were great and everyone gave it their all.  Will is still the man with the plan, however, the movie itself screwed up its plan all the way.

I wanted more from this movie, but not the most, which made it quite jumbled up and odd frankly.  Shrugs.

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