**SPOILER ALERT**After Watching KIDNAP Starring Halle Berry… It’s Good, But Girl… SMH

**SPOILER ALERT**After Watching KIDNAP Starring Halle Berry… It’s Good, But Girl… SMH

Posted on by Mirika C

So, the other day, I ended up watching KIDNAP and can honestly say that it was exhilarating from the beginning all the way up to the end. With that being stated however, there are so many parts that made me cringe until I could throw the most pointed heel that I own at the screen in hopes that I could tag Karla D (Halle Berry) in the back of her head and say, “Lady, what is your freaking problem!??!!” All the stress in the movie came from her… not the innocent boy…and her ignorant behind decisions. The movie could have easily been titled MOVE, DUMMY, I GOT THIS.

Anyway, here is the trailer, and it pulls you in. It made me want to fight, honestly, just to see an innocent boy being snatched by some filthy monsters who are truly freaking filthy by the way. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will so if you read on, be prepared.

So Halle Berry is in the park playing marco polo with her son who has this tape recorder toy thing. She gets a call on her cell phone and leaves the child to answer the phone because she can’t hear due to the music at the park. Well, when she leaves, she relies on the game Marco Polo to keep track of the child who is supposed to “stay put”.

When she ends the five minute call, she turns back to the surprise of not seeing her son…anywhere. Well, dang. This is the first time I wanted to slap the fire out of her, but it gets freaking worse. She walks around shouting Marco without hearing Polo. Boo…didn’t you all stop playing that game like twenty minutes ago? It’s obvious your baby is taken.

Now, I have to give mom Karla props because when she did see her child getting shoved in a car, she dove on that car and tried to hang on for her baby, but she falls off and here begins the screaming at the screen…from me. GET HIM!!! GIRL, IF YOU DON’T… WHAT? DO I NEED TO DO IT???

That’s me just going off at the screen.

Anyway, this is the part of the movie I call the chase. It makes you cringe so badly because she’s always so close to her son, but never ever close enough to get him. As a matter of fact, she comes face to face with the kidnappers…yes, there are two…when they both come to a stop and get out of their cars. Instead of her running over the one attacker, SHE BACKS THE FREAKING CAR UP. Girl, you are in a MACHINE!! THEY HAVE YOUR CHILD! And yes, the other kidnapper more than likely has a knife to your son, BUT…heck with that!!! KILL ONE so that you only have one left to POP OFF! My reasoning for this is simple…THE CHILD IS ALREADY IN DANGER. AT THIS POINT, YOU CAN’T PUT HIM IN MORE DANGER. Imagine what they could do to him if they got away? Exactly.

So from there, she has another opportunity to kill one, but doesn’t. At the underpass. I’m not going to tell you how they got to the underpass, but just know, the heffa made me angry as sin when she didn’t run that other kidnapping heffa over. I mean, back over her twice. You’ll see what I mean. At that point, it was over for me. I didn’t like Karla or whatever Halle’s flipping name was in the movie at all…especially when she let the flipping woman in the car!! Did I tell you that? No…I didn’t. Yeah…her dumb self did just that.

Anyway, fast forward to near the end. I have no idea why I hate the ending of all movies that Halle Berry stars in, but I do. They just end freaking poorly, and although KIDNAP made me want to rip my hair from my skull, it was suspenseful enough to make me want to sit…stand…scream…yank…and even jump all the way through the end. Here goes though, in the end, there’s another kidnapper that shows up. Yeah…true story. I know what you’re thinking. Why another one? My answer: for the corny ending aka weird twist.

There was absolutely no connection to this dude and then for the words that came out of Halle’s mouth made it the corniest ending of all… YOU TOOK THE WRONG KID.


All in all, I liked the movie through the quirks and things that I would not have done. I understand that there are some mothers out there who may just give chance after chance to kidnappers….just not me. If my kid is in danger, so are you. Period. No negotiations. Somebody dies. No car chases. There will be your car wrecking…period…cuz I’m ramming it. Movie over in five seconds.

That’s just my take on KIDNAP. My movie would have been called KILLNAP because those people would have died early on. On a scale of 1 to 5…5. It frustrated the crap out of me…but I liked it. Odd huh? It’s actually one of Halle Berry’s best movies. Congrats. I could watch again and be satisfied.

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