THE CLIMB Movie Review *** A Cute Love Story With a High Ending (Spoilers)

by Mirika C on December 31, 2017


Today, I turned on Netflix to a new movie titled The Climb starring a Senegalese guy named Samy, played by Ahmed Sylla, who is head over heels in love with a female named Nadia, played by Alice Belaidi.  From the beginning of the French film, it was told that the movie was based off of the book, so of course, I was like yeee-aaahhh. It’s been my experience that many movies based off books are great, therefore, I became happy with my choice, plus I needed something light hearted to watch because the light migraine I suffered from was beginning to wreck my nerves.

So I pressed play, and from the jump, I loved Samy. He was funny, great and out of his flipping mind. First off, let me say this…he couldn’t have been my brother because I would have stopped him at the gate and told him that the woman who wants him to climb Mt. Flipping Everest can kick all the rocks and bounce. Matter of fact, tell her to stop a moving train since she thinks she’s that important, but… I’m not Samy’s sister. Therefore, he nor she had to concern themselves with my mouth or two cents about his love life leaps and bounds.

How did Mt. Everest come into play? Well, Nadia wasn’t so certain she wanted to date Samy again, but Samy wasn’t about to give up. Nadia made the proposal for him to climb the freezing cold mountain in order to gain a chance at love with her, and Samy’s big crazy butt took the bet having NO IDEA what he was getting into at all.  He was all over the place and just clueless about mountain climbing altogether which made for very funny moments. When she (Nadia) found out he was really doing it, she couldn’t believe it. There was even a point they thought he’d died, but…he didn’t. It was at that point, she knew that she truly did love him back.  All the while, he became a superstar of that region because as he climbed he had radio contact the whole time, and everyone in the region tuned in to his climb for Nadia.

All in all, the movie was super for a lovetime comedic flick, and I give it a five of five stars simply because I can and it deserves it.  If you want to feel good, or even much better than your current state, this is your emotional and mental fix.

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